10 Things For You To Check When Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working

Posted by Parker Ben on May 02, 2013


A good SEO strategy is the best way for businesses to have a perfect web presence. Apart from creating the website, you need to attract people to it to generate more sales. In most cases, a good SEO plan that generates perfect results may stop working suddenly after some time. Although people tend to blame Google for such situation, it may be caused by many other factors. Here are some of the things you should check.

Is The Website Really Perfect?

Before you start checking other problems, find out whether your website is worth the attention of potential visitors. There are many things to consider, like quality content on the website and good presence on major social media platforms.

Keyword Problems

Using keywords that are highly niche or too narrow may be a big problem. In addition, some keywords often get low search volume, meaning that regular internet users don't search with such keywords. Therefore, the scope should be broadened in such a way that it corresponds to the search patterns of regular users.

Building Links Incorrectly

Link building often focuses on the quality and not the quantity. One way of building links incorrectly is having too'spammy' links which give poor results compared to natural-looking quality links. Another wrong way is over-optimizing the anchor text.

Poor Social Media Presence

Social Media plays a major role in any campaign today. The significance of the social media in Google algorithms is quite high. Therefore, if you don't use major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in your campaigns, they may crumble soon.

Lack of Consistency

Performing the activities properly for a short time and then abandoning it is not a good approach. To maintain good rankings, the campaign should have regular checks. On the same note, missing in the game for quite some time may make you lose out on the current tactics and updates.

Lack of Patience

There are many factors affecting this campaign, and it may take time and hard work for good results to be realized. Therefore, patience is an essential resource in this strategy.

Abandoning Your Customers

To fully understand your customers, you should identify your target audience first. The second thing is to know the keywords used by these potential customers to search for your product on the Internet. This would enable you to know what your customers feel and realize substantial results.

Not Exhausting Other Avenues

In some cases, SEO plans may not work for some brands. Therefore, alternative methods of increasing website traffic should be tried out, such as social media marketing, content marketing and other related strategies.

Niche Complexities

In some cases, you may encounter a 'niche' sector. Although you may work very hard on the SEO plan to deal with such cases, you may not realize the desired results. Therefore, you should figure out the potential problems in your campaigns, such as consistency or keyword problems, or include other strategies in the campaign, such as Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and so on. But the main aim is to maintain consistent efforts and you will realize good results soon.

Lack of a Proper System

You should have a proper site analytics system, otherwise you will never know what works best for your campaigns and what doesn't. The system also enables you to know when to change your strategy and what steps are delivering what results.

Author Bio: - This post has been written by Parker Ben. He loves to write about SEO. He works for Growth Seed. He also writes tips about Drupal 7 Module Development.

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