Being Anonymous: Can This Help Bloggers or Not?

Posted by Patrick Hudson on May 27, 2013


It is common for bloggers today to write blogs that are published by a blog owner on his or her site, under a different name. Is it enough for a blogger to earn money without getting the due recognition? Most people would not agree with bloggers being anonymous, because they simply lack the courage to say whatever they are saying publicly. They may want to get at someone or trick the readers into believing something that does not have an iota of truth in it.

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If you go to analyze the reasons why people would want to remain anonymous and yet have their blogs read by thousands of readers, you would be surprised. It could be to do with the topic which could have the potential to kick up a storm and end up in a controversy. It may be sensitive enough to cost you your job, or antagonize people enough to stop reading the blog or anything related to the blogger. The other reason could be that the blogger is actually talking about a real time scenario in which he or she was involved, and the circumstances may not have been all that congenial, or good enough to claim credit. It may be bad enough to earn the person some discredit.

Why then would the blogger insist on being anonymous, knowing pretty well that it actually makes no difference to anyone in the end? Unless, it is for a good cause and you as the blogger want to get feedback on a very sensitive problem that a close friend is encountering, and can't reach out for professional help. No one would want to be laid bare on the web, knowing well that their close friends could be reading the blog.

In case you have committed unpardonable blunders while blogging and the blog managed to get posted on the web, you wouldn't want to be associated with that, and would go underground, or rather, anonymous. This kind of a situation is understandable, but how about the identity that you are losing. Would you not want to make a name for yourself as an avid blogger with a great following? Are you not a compulsive blogger who has the itch to keep posting and having people know who is posting the stuff? Ultimately, it certainly does not pay to be an anonymous blogger. Any blogger worth his or her salt has to come out in the open and be proud to be a great blogger with an enviable following.

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