The Pros and Cons of Dedicated Servers

Posted by Biljana Dimovska on February 08, 2013


If you'd like to make the online presence of your business to be felt, you need to outsource the services of an expert as well as those of a web hosting service provider. The web hosting industry offers an array of servers to choose from and the choice depends on the type of your website.

An appropriate web host can promote the visibility of your site and hence generate traffic. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable hosting service that guarantees a high uptime and is not prone to frequent system crashes. Leaf through the following typewrite and learn more about dedicated servers.


Dedicated Servers

As mentioned above, there are various types of servers offered by hosting providers. However, there are two common types; dedicated and shared servers. Unlike the shared servers, dedicated servers offer unlimited and exclusive resources. Simply put, a single server will be dedicated to your website and you'll not share resources such as bandwidth and disk storage space will not space. This kind of web hosting is often expensive but it offers a number of notable benefits as outlined below.


Pro #1: Unlimited Bandwidth

Firstly, a dedicated server will ensure that you don't share resources with any other website. This means that you receive unlimited bandwidth and disk storage. You can therefore, update information or modify the features of your website, manage, download or upload files and also create back-ups at your own convenient time. In addition to that, you get own IP address and enjoy a host of premium features that aren't available in the shared hosting plans.

Pro #2: High Speeds

When a single server is set aside to exclusively attend to your needs, the loading speed will certainly be high. This high-performing capacity offered by the dedicated servers is truly unmatched. Your website will run consistently throughout the day and problems such as frequent downtime, email delivery problems and delayed visibility will be a thing of the past.

Pro #3: Support and Control

A dedicated server gives you increased control over all the vital server components along with unrestricted access to installed software programs and server administration. This benefit is a pro and a competitive edge over other types of web hosting servers. In addition to that, when you choose the dedicated hosting plan, you are guaranteed a round-the-clock support from the provider's maintenance and technical team.

Pro #4: Storage Space

With a dedicated server, your business is allocated the entire web space. This means that you have enough storage space to upload videos, pictures, blogs, databases, texts etc. Data transfer is relatively quick and easy chiefly because of the availability of a large bandwidth.

Pro #5: Reliability and Security

Just like the speed, reliability and security is bound to be superior in the dedicated hosting plans. This can be attributed to the fact that your website has sole access to the available resources (unlimited). In addition to that, dedicated servers offer a high level of website security as there is only one account in the server. As such, your website will not be susceptible to virus, corrupt files or other bugs.


Con #1: Cost

The cost of the dedicated servers is their main drawback; they are obviously expensive than their shared counterparts. You should only shift to dedicated server when the benefits you derive from it can outweigh its cost. Furthermore, the process of shifting from shared to dedicated servers can be tricky and can disrupt your normal business operations.

Con #2: Skills

As mentioned above, you need to hire an expert who will handle the dedicated servers. Additionally, handling the technical problems of a dedicated server can be time consuming and costly. Again, the cost of maintenance is reasonably higher as compared to the maintenance cost for a shared server.

Dedicated servers are undoubtedly ideal, but only for large businesses that have e-commerce websites, attracting high traffic. Such sites cannot afford to crash during an online transaction. As such, they should never depend on the shared servers.

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