Why Aren't More People Talking About Google's +1 Button?

Posted by Sam Jeff on June 09, 2011


As big as Google is, and the enormous impact they have on our lives as a connected world, it is surprising that more people are not talking about the introduction of the +1 Button by Google this year. In fact, the average person has no clue that it even exists, but mark this page, because in a couple of years it will be everywhere. Google's +1 Button is nothing more than a button with the +1 on it. But it is going to revolutionize how the search engine magic and Android power that Google provide impacts all of us.

The closest thing anyone can compare Google's +1 Button with is the Facebook 'like' button that people can put and click virtually anywhere. The only difference is that you get to 'like' search results and when you're logged in to your Google account, you can see search results that people in your network have visited. This potential this little button will have takes a moment to let soak in, so feel free to pause here and reflect on how this will change and personalize how we all search the internet.

Not only that, but this feature will change how the internet interacts with us as well. It will personalize it in a way that we've never experienced. By making searching more interactive, it effects everything that people do on or through or because of Google. This is groundbreaking stuff, and what makes it so amazing is the simplicity of the whole thing. Not even Google knows the potential ramifications of this little magic icon, and they are not guessing about it either. In fact, the few techies out there that have actually been writing about this are holding back on what they think this will lead to down the internet super-highway.

Google's +1 Button will be limited in the beginning, with its primary function serving as a way to people who have a Google account and are logged in. But, buttoning searches will be expanded into everyone's personal interface with the digital universe before any of us know it's happening. It will be like the power button on a remote control, something that we all use but none of us really think about.

Soon, we will see it on websites and blogs and any feature that people can use through their Android powered devices. The power of the button doesn't rest on how it will connect people and searches together, but what it will be able to tell people about how the internet is used in real-time in ways that we cannot do at the moment. Google's +1 Button is starting to pop up ever so slowly, and maybe this low key introduction is a good strategy for the company to be playing because they want to stand back and watch what happens first.

This enhancement will provide a virtually living real-time motion picture soundtrack of what the internet is doing, what people are looking for, and how they are interacting. For the average user and surfer, Google's 1+ Button will make things easier to find, remember, share and interact with. But, for those who delve deeper into the internet's mysteries, this promises to be one of the best tools created to date that will reveal what people are doing and thinking online, as they are doing it.

But, this discovery is like the early days of oil. People saw it as something that was marketable, but nothing that would change the world. Well, we all know how that turned out, and Google's +1 Button is thought by some to be the same type of discovery. Who knows what it will do or what it will enhance, but anyone that is connected to digital world will be touched by its effects.

Social media has been using things like favorite and like buttons, but nothing like this has been done with search engines to this degree. While Google doesn't see itself becoming a social network, the intuitive connective tissue it provides the majority of those who are online will become smarter, more powerful and more practical than ever before.

Google's +1 Button will be the catalyst that moves the internet forward on its evolutionary journey, and it is coming to a website near you. One of the reasons that it will start to show up everywhere is because it is easy to put anywhere, and any blog or site or app can tap into the power that this little button will provide. This little genie a bottle will undoubtedly be the most amazing thing to watch grow and expand as it helps all of us wrap ourselves with the digital age and make it work for us the way it is destined. Go Google, and look out world, big changes are on the horizon.

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