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Posted by Jason Roiz on February 02, 2013


You may be looking for a right tool to make your organizational visuals viral via traditional social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If it is so then you are probably making a big mistake in your social media optimization campaign. A social media campaign should be driven by unconventional approach for making contents viral. One social media campaigner should not rely on traditional mediums and always look out for the new mediums to get a guerrilla entry into highly competitive cyber world. Internet is abreast of innovative social mediums. It is up to your social media manager to choose the right ones.

Amongst all, Pinterest is the most recent social media venture, which allows the users to pin their visuals at the open wall of the site. The users can create their personal pin boards and pin their pictures in their boards. This site spreads the pins of its users among all users of the website and streamline as per the likability of the content. In this way, you can share your eloquent pictures easily over web. The likability of your image content will help you in repining at hundreds of hundreds Pinterest users. Moreover, this service is integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, you pinned image will appear in the Facebook wall and double your chances of making your contents viral.

How to Make the Most From Pinterest

Yeah! It is a valid question to ask. It is the most recently emerged social media venture. Therefore, social media managers do not have proper understanding or any strategy to make the most from this virtual picture-sharing tool. Though, you can get answers to all of your questions by reading further.

Creation of Board

You must be aware with the user behavior towards visual contents. Earlier, online visitors were using Google images for searching any kind of images. Nowadays, online surfers have new tool to find a right image for their use. They try to search a particular image via Pinterest. In this way, you should keep the right words in your mind while creating the name of your pin board. Your optimized name will let the users find your pin board and your images.

After creation of right name of your board, you should select the right category for your pictures. It will help the site to keep your pin in the right category while streamlining pictures as per the likability for users. You can keep your pin secret to share within the confines of your friends.

Further, you can also allow people to repin your pinned picture. In this way, you can invite your friends by putting their names or their email address in the white box. After this, you can invite your friends for pinning in your board together.

It will let your friends repin your visuals in their network and let the friends of your friends pin your visuals in their networks. Such networking of pins will make your visuals viral and spread across the web.

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