Social Media Advertising: Tips for the Finance Professions

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on January 23, 2011


Social media advertising techniques make it possible to make friends on the internet within your given profession. By using websites tailored specifically to promoting blogs for specific professions like finance, family, writing, health, etc., you can promote yourself as an expert in your field over time.

I like to emphasize over time because, although this is an important part of your internet advertising campaign, the benefits of social media advertising are not immediately apparent. Instead, it can take weeks, months and sometimes years to make the friends necessary to promote your success. Let's look at one profession to illustrate this point: finance.

How to Make Friends in the Internet Finance World

Step1: Build Your Site -- To begin making finance cyber friends, you must build your website. It is very important to have a fully functioning website with at least a few well-written introductory articles posted before you present your site to a field of professionals. This helps you introduce yourself as a serious professional in your field and helps you make friends faster.

For example, let's say you want to develop a site dedicated to penny stocks on the stock market. You know your stuff, and you want to share it with the world. However, the world does not know you -- so you need to build a site introducing all you will offer on the website in the future.

In particular, the site should at least lay out the basics of your ideas in a home page, introduce you and your staff in an about page and give contact information on your contact page. It is also suggested that you start a blog at this point. Just a few articles will help lay the groundwork for your ideas and help others see that you are an expert.

Step 2: Introduce Yourself -- Once you have a professional site with basic info and a few blogs/posts, you can begin to advertise through the social media websites. For finance, some excellent social media sites are and Both allow users to sign up for free, post articles about finance, and vote for and/or comment on other articles -- allowing users to establish their expertise to the finance world and make friends who can help promote them.

So, in continuing our finance example, your penny stock site is up and running; all you have to do now is advertise the site. To do so, you can post one of the articles on your site to PFBuzz, for example. Voila, you are advertised. However, there are additional ways to help promote each article you post to the site.

Each of the sites promotes articles through a voting system. You and other user can go the the site and "Like" certain articles, even your own. To help promote your articles in the beginning (before you have finance friends), you can ask friends and family to like your articles.

Step 3: Build Your Friendships -- From there, you need to build your financial friendships. Reading and intelligently commenting on other's articles can help you meet others interested in your line of work. Once you've interacted for a while, it is natural to suggested guest posting on each other's sites, allowing you both to reach a broader audience.

It is extremely important at this point to continuously blog on your website, post the blogs to the social media sites, and develop multiple friendships. Your beginning followers will be looking to you for more blogs, your friends will want to comment on your posts, and new friends will be welcome to begin following your insights.

As you continue to develop your social media advertising campaign, it is important to remember that this form of internet advertising takes time, patience and a lot of blogs. But the effort put forth is well worth it in the end: Your website will become more popular, and your business will begin to boom.

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