Lost Soul - A dreamer's story - Part 1

Posted by House For Love on May 05, 2012


Suddenly I wake up and found myself in the middle of the ocean in a small boat. I feel scared, I started to shout as loud as I can but only I can hear back is the sound of the waves and ocean's storm. By the think of shark attacking me and eating me piece by piece takes the hell out of me.

It's so cold out there and the wind is so freezing but I don't know why I am sweating a lot. I must be scared more than I should, so, I should stop thinking that it's impossible to get out from there and gather my courage and power that's still within me and get out from this water and be safe on the land.

I take a deep breath and look in a boat if there is rower to row the boat and keep moving from there.

But to my bad luck there was nothing that I could use as a rower. I was then totally broken from inside and I started to believe that I can't make it to the dry land and I'll die here and will never be found by anybody other then sea creatures who will be very happy to eat me as a lunch and dinner.

I was getting so cold now because my fear of death was decreasing so my body was not warming up. I was lucky that it was summer and sun was so bright shining without any obstacles from cloud and fog.

I thanked god for the beautiful day on my probably the last day of this life of mine and begged to do one more favor by showing me the path to the land.

Suddenly I saw the rower floating a little distance from me then I quickly used my hands to row the boat near the rower to pick it up. Finally, I was success to grab the rower and a kind of energy entered my body with the hope that now I may be safe and I won't die in the middle of the ocean.

... to be continued.

English not being my first language, you may find heaps of grammatical errors. Please help me fix them by commenting below and also, let me know how you want to end the story. Thank you.

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