Lost Soul - A dreamer's story - Part 3

Posted by House For Love on May 05, 2012


The place I was currently standing felt safer, so, I decided to take a quick nap before starting my journey again to go back to my previous life which I don't know anything about yet.

In a matter of seconds I felt asleep and started to see a dream. I was feeling like falling from the sky and then I wake up from dream inside dream. I looked at the watch and I was late for work. I quickly grabbed my work dress and took a quick shower and run for the train without breakfast.

As usual train was late at Auburn. I was wishing god to send the train asap as this job was quite new and I couldn't afford to go late on beginnings.

Finally, the train arrived and I reached destination in 25 mins. After getting out of the train I started to run, then the store manager saw me when he was out for a toilet and laughed at me when he saw me running.

It was new years eve and myDonald was getting busy. As I was new there I didn't know much about burgers and I was senior in age in comparison to other kids, so they assigned me too bring the stock from store room to kitchen before it runs out.

The store room was 1 stair down and there was no lift or escalators to bring stock up. We need to use trolley with two wheels on which we fill the stock and use all the power to pull upstairs.

One pull was enough to break the back but you had no choice but to keep on pulling like a working robot. Again after each time you go up they scold at you because you are late. I was slightly quite type of guy so didn't say anything and they took the advantage of that.

... to be continued.

English not being my first language, you may find heaps of grammatical errors. Please help me fix them by commenting below and also, let me know how you want to end the story. Thank you.

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