Lost Soul - A dreamer's story - Part 7

Posted by House For Love on May 05, 2012


I had a very good sleep that night. I had no fears and I had made a bed like sleeping place with some dried grasses. I am quite a dreamer and see too many dreams when I sleep.

My mom woke me up and I looked at the watch and it was already 7am. So I quickly got up and started to pack my bag and was rushing to get ready faster. Finally everything was packed and I was happy to finish everything so quickly. After, packup only I started to get freshen up.

In few hours I was ready to leave. I got out of my room. My mom had tears in her eyes. She was gathering courage to say bye to me. I always wanted to go abroad, finish my studies and earn a lot of money for my self, my parents and my future family-my wife and kids. My brother was happy for me as my dream was going to be true. I hugged my brother and hardly could speak but still managed to ask him to take care of himself, parents and our little sister.

Then mum put red tika(mix of abir+yoghurt+sugar+rice) as a good luck and gave me a lot of blessings. She was wiping her tears and was managed to stop herself from crying out loud yet and I knew it won't be long for that to happen. I myself was unable to talk as my heart was full.

I brought out all of my luggage with the help of relatives. My hired jeep just came outside of my house. So it was time to Leave. My mum fed me some yoghurt as a good luck again. Then I heard some cries and I quickly get in the jeep and left for the capital to board the plane and leave to australia.

After around 6 hours I reached to the capital where my elder sister was living. After taking some rest we decided to do some final shopping like blankets, extra pairs of cloths, shoes and a backpack.

I had heard Time flies in a blink of an eye when you really want it to move slow. I felt like it's true because i had just 1hr left to leave towards airport. I had almost everything packed. So, I took a quick shower and had small lunch and then I left for the airport with my both sisters as my little sister also came with me to say me good bye at the airport.

My heart was beating so fast and we were sitting in a taxi without a word.

... to be continued.

English not being my first language, you may find heaps of grammatical errors. Please help me fix them by commenting below and also, let me know how you want to end the story. Thank you.

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