Slips and Trips on your Business Property: The Importance of Having the Right Coverage

Posted by Lisa Coleman on August 08, 2013


It may be everything you can do to keep up with your business's daily operations. Your attention may be devoted to ordering inventory, balancing your business checkbook, and managing your employees. Even so, one of your top priorities should also involve protecting your customers. Thousands of people slip and fall each year while they are out shopping or visiting public places. You can protect them, yourself, and yourself by making sure you have the best business insurance that will cover unexpected accidents and accident-related expenses.


Getting Started: How to Name Your Business

Posted by Emily Miller on July 18, 2013


Theories abound for how to go about naming a business. Some people think a straightforward name that dryly tells customers what you sell or do is the best approach. Others argue that a funky made-up word is the business name to ensure you stand out and get noticed. And, of course, plenty of supporters fall at points everywhere on the spectrum between these extremes.


Ways to Reduce the Effect of your Divorce on Your Small Business

Posted by Lisa Coleman on July 06, 2013


Building a small business take a lot of time, money and personal sacrifice. Because of this, it can be especially devastating if a divorce destroys the business. Fortunately, there are several steps that a small business owner can take to protect their investment. However, it is essential to think ahead to provide yourself with the best possible advantage. After all, if you allow yourself to believe that nothing will happen to your business during the divorce proceedings, you are most likely going to end up with a very unwelcome surprise.