7 Ways To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft And Why Benjamin Franklin Was Wrong

Posted by James Kirby on May 30, 2013


be careful what you carry
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Has anyone ever told you the only things certain in life are death and taxes? When Benjamin Franklin uttered those words, I'm sure the world he was living in was a lot different to the one we live in today. These days you can also be certain that you will be in deep trouble if your private details end up in the hands of a criminal. I know you don't want your identity to be stolen but you're not doing much to prevent it, so we can look at a few ways you can change that starting from today.


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Be careful what you carry

If you're walking around with lots of private documents you have to be careful because anyone can lift your bag when you're not looking. You might even walk away and leave your bag lying on a bench without realizing. It happens more than you think and it could even happen to you if you're not careful. Also, if you have an expensive phone or laptop, don't flash it about because thieves are everywhere.


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Weird looking emails

As soon as you realize you'll never be contacted by the widow of a Nigerian billionaire you are much less likely to fall for any email scams. When you open up your email account and see one from someone you are not familiar with you should exercise great caution. Don't open it up if it looks too dodgy and never click on any links. Report them as spam straight away.


don't answer the door
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Don't answer the door

Some scam artists are brave and they use old school tricks like knocking on your door and asking you to donate money to charity. Whenever anyone strange is standing at your door you should just ignore them, but if you insist on seeing who it is you must be careful. Don't give anyone your bank details or you will not have anything left in your account the next time you use your card.


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Strange computers

Be very careful when using a computer that doesn't belong to you or a family member because it could be very dangerous. If some sneaky person has installed keylogging software they will know all of your passwords and bank account details if you decide to type them into the computer. There is no reason why you should ever need to access any private accounts from any computer except your own.


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Getting rid of mail

What do you do at the moment when you want to get rid of your mail? I hope you don't do what millions of other people do and just throw it in the trash can? You maybe don't think anyone will be outside looking through your trash while you sleep, but do you really want to take the chance? You need to make sure you get rid of it properly and that means shredding it into thousands of pieces.


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Secure websites

Most people will end up buying something over the Internet and there is nothing wrong with that, but you have to be careful about what sites you're using. Just because you want to buy something nice doesn't mean you should give away your credit card details if it's not safe. Only buy from websites you trust and make sure the shopping cart is secure.


don't accept anyone
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Don't accept anyone

You don't win any prizes for how many friends you have on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg won't give you a million dollars for being popular, so stop accepting everyone as friends. They will have access to your private information and they will also be able to see everything you share with your real friends. This applies to all the social networking sites and Facebook is just one of them.


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