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Posted by Yogita Aggarwal on August 10, 2013


The list of desktop based email applications consists of many popular email clients named Outlook Express, Outlook and Windows Live Mail. These clients are widely used by worldwide users for personal purpose as well as official purposes. Though all of them are the product of Microsoft but all these email clients are totally different from each other in the form of user interface, supporting file format, and functions.

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Outlook Express allows the users to modify the HTML format and also adds up several numbers of attachments into an email. However, the OE email client consists of some of the drawbacks that push to user to migrate to another better emailing client.

If we talk about the best of the email client among all of them then I would like to say "Outlook is the most preferred and smart emailing application and Outlook is the leading email client in the race of Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail". 

Below is the description of all these email clients:

Outlook Express:

Outlook Express, the basic email client comes with the very limited features. This client is best for the home users who do not want to spend many coins for buying a smart emailing application.  Outlook uses DBX file to store users' data. The main functions of OE are sending and receiving emails, calendar and notes etc. It stores messages at the location: Tools|Options|Maintenance|Store Folder.

Windows Live Mail:

Windows Live Mail is not a completely new email client and it is an improved version Windows Mail. WLM supports EML file format to keep users' data like emails, attachments, notes, schedules and all. The new email client has facility to synchronize with Windows Live Contacts and supports RSS feeds.


The most popular email client developed by Microsoft. This application is trusted by millions of business professionals around the world. Outlook comes with the most advanced features and easy to use UI. New highlighted features are: Mobile Integration, Social Integration, Group Emailing and better UI. Outlook supports PST file format to keep users data.

With the above points you can understand that Outlook is the boss of all other emailing clients and because of most advanced features many people migrate to this from other emailing applications such as Outlook Express and WLM.  If you are thinking to migrate also from any of them then you can use Stellar Converter Tools.  I have used "Stellar DBX to PST converter "tool when I switched to the new job as I wanted to carry my old Outlook Express data with me in my new organization where the default email client was Outlook. The DBX converter tool by Stellar Data recovery is very cost effective and reliable.

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