Twitter Tricks For Self Promotion

Posted by Rob Walker on January 10, 2013


As a blogger we are always thinking of new ways to outsource our content, and one oft he easiest ways is doing it by ourselves. Believe it or not there are many services out there which help promote blogs.

If you own a blog and are not using Twitter heavily then your missing a massive market. Creating a good Twitter following is relatively easy, it may take a while until you reach 1000 followers, but the work load is low.

Quick tips

Twitter search a keyword that you are going to write about in your next blog article. Add some people from the Twitter list. Post your article, and if they follow the same interests then they should end up sharing your content as well.

More than one Twitter account. As said it is fairly easy to build a following, and it isn't even that much harder to build 2 followings. Create 2 bookmarks that load up Twitter pages in your related field, this could be SEO, SEM, Affiliate . Follow their contacts, and hopefully the should follow you back. You will then have 2 different Twitter armies growing. This should take a maximum of 1 hour every morning.

When you post content onto your ‚main' blog feed (think of it as your company page) you can then instantly re-tweet it to a whole new bunch of people.

There are also a few other blogging services that you assign your blog to -


Those are just to name a few. There are many others that are on the internet. These services let your blog content be pushed onto Twitter and then fed through a surplus of bots that forward your content to regular people. Sometimes you have to do nothing apart from host your blog on your site, and then the whole process automates.

These are great little tips that can help you gain a lot more exposure. Give them a try, nearly all are free to sign up with.

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