Three Great Tools To Build A Free Website

Posted by Carlos Rubio on January 06, 2013


Setting up a new website can often be a daunting and challenging task, which is why we have brought together a selection of the best website building tools on this website.  Here we focus on three of our favourite tools for setting up a new website, and how they take the stress and effort out of building a website with the distinctive look that will help your business to stand out from the crowd.

Wix - free website builder


Wix is probably our favourite of all the website builders that we have tried so far, and one of the main reasons for this is that it is an absolute joy to use when creating a simple website.  The instinctive drag and drop design tool is a sensational feature that makes building the website more of a creative process rather than a logical formation of the elements of a website.  The range of professionally designed templates that are available through Wix are second to none, and the ability to use their flash templates can really bring the website a very attractive look.

Although Wix is the best website designer that we have come across so far, there are a few things that are worth noting before you make the leap.  Because Wix uses flash templates, there is a separate builder for those looking to create mobile websites to run alongside the main website.  The option to include an ecommerce site is also available, but only with the top priced package.  Despite these aspects, Wix still gets our wholehearted recommendation. Check the latest Wix review from Website Planet.

Jimdo - free website builder


Jimdo is one of the most popular website building tools that many new businesses will use, and one of the most attractive features of the package is that it includes the option of a free ecommerce website.  For those businesses that are selling products and services and are looking to generate a significant portion or all their income online, this facility is vital.  Another of the benefits of using Jimdo is that the free package they offer does come with a good selection of website templates that are not only flexible with plenty of options, but are also user-friendly too.

However, Jimdo has a three tier website solution, with the free package offering some limitations, such as the number of products that can be included in the ecommerce shop.  For many companies that are creating their first website the free package offers plenty of flexibility and functionality, while the paid packages can be great as the business grows and becomes more successful.


Another of our favourite website builders for creating a free website is Webs. The free package comes with plenty of different templates for users to choose from, and has a great selection of different options and customisable aspects to the websites.  Another of the benefit of using Webs is that it is also possible to create mobile websites to run alongside the main website.

One aspect in which Webs does suffer is that the drag and drop interface suffers a little from having too many options, and this can be a little intimidating for novice users.  The builder also offers email addresses and video support - but this is only for the premium package users. Overall, Webs is another great website builder and definitely one worth considering.

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