5 Ideas for Unique Wedding Favors that Everyone Will Love

Posted by Dixie Somers on July 25, 2013


On your big day, don't give away the same old tired wedding favors. Give your wedding guests one of these creative wedding favors for take-home treats they will not soon forget.

Wedding Favor

Mini Jams or Jellies

Buy (or make) jams or jellies and serve them as take-home gifts for your wedding guests. Add a tag with the bride's and groom's names, the wedding date and the type of jam or jelly. It's a stylish, chic and inexpensive gift for guests. Mix and match on tables, or put them all on one side of the table and let your guests choose their flavors. Either way, guests will appreciate the "homemade" flavor of these giveaways.

Miniature Tins of Gourmet Chocolates

Who doesn't like chocolate? Buy mini tins and add in pieces of rich, decadent chocolate for your guests to enjoy. Place personalized stickers on the top of the tins with wording that is significant to you. Add one mini tin to each place setting or make extras and scatter them across the tables. It is a simple, sweet and tasty way to remind your guests of your wedding day.

Custom Bags

The more you buy, the more you save with most customized bags, so the large or bulk orders for weddings make them perfect favors. Brand the bags with your wedding date or have your names embroidered onto them. Another idea is to brand your custom bags with the logo of the hotel or venue where you are hosting your reception; doing so might encourage the hotel or venue to pay for these custom travel bags, which you can give away free of charge. Buy bags in your wedding colors and watch your guest's eyes light up. Practicality and luxury combine to make these custom travel bags a fantastic wedding favor and something they will both use and cherish.

Shot Glasses Filled with Candy

Have clear shot glasses printed with your wedding date or a quote that you like, and then fill them with small candies. M & M's can be personalized inexpensively with your message, making them even more special on your wedding day. Your adult guests will probably use the glasses at the reception (shots, anyone?), and the children will gobble up the sweet treats. It's a win-win.

Cookie Cutter Wedding Favor

Pick your favorite cookie recipe and print it out on card stock. Then use a hole punch to make a hole in the corner. Attach it with a ribbon or cord to a heart-shaped or bell-shaped cookie cutter, and add one to each place setting. This is a wonderful, inexpensive gift that everyone will love receiving. Who couldn't use a new cookie recipe?

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