Enough is Enough: Say a Strict 'NO' to these Grammatical Errors

Posted by Aditi Datta on January 10, 2013


Spelling grammar punctuation mistakes Have you ever read a blog post and thinks that- "This writer has highlighted some of the good ideas but the grammatical errors are just driving me crazy?" .If this is not the condition with you, then you have been quite lucky enough. This is because there are a lot of readers who just get bemused and bewildered as they are simply not getting the meaning out of it. Grammatical slip-ups do make your writing much harder and sometimes they may even turn your readers off. Content may be considered as the 'KING' but you will definitely gain a lot more respect if your ideas that you convey matches the luminosity of your writing without having a single grammatical error.

And by brilliant, I mean clean writing without having any spelling errors, punctuation errors and grammatical errors.

When you're content writing is clean and being written in a lucid language, readers can easily understand your content without facing much problem and they can easily review your ideas and writing capability.  

Hence, writing for a blog post, it is better to check up these errors without even committing it in your post.

Use the phrase 'who' instead of using 'that':

Sometimes, using the wrong word may change the meaning of the sentence. Whenever you are referring about people, refer to them using 'who' and not by referring them using 'that'. Although, the phrase 'that' has become acceptable in everyday conversations and has been overlooked by many, but at the same time it is noticeable when it is written down.

Hence, it is better to use: He is the boy who loves books and don't use as the guy that always loves books.

Avoid using the same line like 'There is' or 'There are':

This is actually not an error, this is a form of lazy writing. Infact there are lots of better and more interesting ways to give a nice start to your writing. The best way is to start out by sharing your experiences. Content with a perfectly given introduction do attracts a lot of visitors and readers do appreciate that too. Instead of giving a traditional start to your writing using 'There is', it is always better to start some experiences starting with you. That is mostly accepted and appreciable at the same time.

Go for contractions:

Erase mistakesContracted words are always appreciated while you are writing content for your blog. Visitors like reading posts having contracted words.

Let's see which sounds more personable: He is going to the market that is close to my house or he is going to the market that's close to my house. Content with contracted words are easier to read and comprehend. So, it's better for you to think different and include contracted words in your content writing.

Avoid being fallen into the 'ing' trap:

This is the common factor of every bloggers of using too much of this 'ing' in their content writing. "We are starting to..." or "She is running...".Before using an 'ing' phrase in your content, think of it whether you want to use it in your content or not. Instead of getting rid of using 'was' or 'were', it is recommendable of using the past tense of the ing word, such as " We started to..." or "She ran...". Cutting down the use of 'ing' in your writing would make your content more clear and easy to understand.

Using of 'more than' rather than using 'over' is more appreciable:

Using the word 'over' in your sentence would not make it wrong but instead of that, if you use more than, then it is going to me more appreciable. Just like-'Over 50 people did not like your twitter page'. Instead of that, try using 'more than 50 people did not like your twitter page'. Off course, everyone will understand what you want to mean if use over but using the word more than will make your writing stand out from the rest. 

Forgetting the hyphenated words:

While modifying a noun with more than one word, you need a hyphen. Lot's of people don't follow and giving the proper hyphen in between the words wherever necessary would actually show your readers that you know how to walk in a proper path. This means that you need a hyphen when you are using the word "full-time" work and you actually don't need the one if you are working full time. Got it?? But yes, there is an exception to this. There is no need to hyphenate words that end in "ly". Those are absolutely OK on their own. So, while using the word as "newly hired employee", there is no need to give the hyphen in between that.

Being a writer, I am quite sure that you must be familiar of writing a clean and fresh content but following these tips and tricks would definitely help your content writing to shine more and your readers will also appreciate it more while reading. In my opinion, I feel these grammatical errors are generally avoided and content writers do make these silly mistakes which lowers down their quality of writing. So, stop making any more grammatical mistakes in your highly-valued content and prove it to be the exclusive one.

About Author: Aditi Datta is a professional blogging specialist who expertises in writing innovative content for her blog. She also expertises in crafting out unique content through extensive research work which can be seen through her write ups.

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