How to hold a presentation of a new product

Posted by Korah Morrison on January 30, 2013


The target consumer needs as much exposure to a new product is possible. This is because a target consumer will only associate a brand quality to a product that they know already. This is the reason why known brands tend to increase their product lines instead of starting a new brand for each product. This is because they know that people already recognized their brand and therefore will assign its qualities to their new products in their new product line.


The Pros and Cons of Telemarketing

Posted by Tiffany Richards on January 30, 2013


This dreaded word can get most people's skin crawling. A siege of annoyance overtakes the body when the phone rings in the middle of day from these pesky salesmen. Telemarketers are avoided at all costs when they call homes asking to sell unwanted services. They call at various hours with the same intent to gain more customers. They may be a nuisance to home owners, but they are an asset to many businesses. As with many things in this world, there are two sides to every story. Learn more about the good and the bad of telemarketing.


Visual Marketing Drives Fan Engagement

Posted by Steve Mehr on January 11, 2013


If your internet marketing is stuck in a rut, try something new. Visual marketing has become a significant piece of internet marketing, as is evidenced by the rise of picture collection and sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. These internet giants came out of near obscurity fueled by internet users' love of pictures and desire to share them with others.