5 Tools to Successfully Market Your Home Based Business

Posted by Lisa Coleman on October 27, 2013


More and more people in the modern world are choosing to go into businesses for themselves. Many of these individuals recognize that retail space is one of the largest expenses of running a business, so this often leads them to work directly from their home. Unfortunately, without a store front to gain attention and bring people in, a home-based entrepreneur will need to focus on other marketing tactics to drum up business.


Video Production: A Business's Best New Online Marketing Platform

Posted by Lisa Coleman on September 01, 2013


People who visit a website often do not have time for reading lengthy articles and descriptions of products and services. They want content that is easy to understand and does not take a lot of time for them to digest. Rather than rely on written content, many website owners are now utilizing video productions on their websites. Videos provide a fast and easy way to capture people's attention and personalize a website to the owners' preferences and goals. As online website owners think about whether or not they want to include videos on their websites, they are encouraged to consider the benefits of video production services.


5 Road to Success Strategies to Help your Small Business Grow

Posted by Lisa Coleman on August 10, 2013


Small businesses make up the largest percentage of companies in the U.S., but they also typically have the most difficult time reaching a steady base of customers. Fortunately, there are several strategies that you can use to help your small business become more successful. In fact, by simply implementing some of these strategies, you will greatly increase your odds of having a positive bottom line by the end of the year.