Colocation and Cloud Service Solutions: The Importance it has in the Medical Field

Posted by Lisa Coleman on September 21, 2013


Medical facilities today no longer rely on traditional methods when it comes to storing their patients' records. Paper files that once were stored on site at a facility are now stored on a hospital or clinic's cloud network. Keeping cloud storage safe and secure requires technological advancements that perhaps are not within a hospital's operational budget or practical for a clinic's size and location.


When Disability Denial Happens to You: 4 Tips to Conquer It

Posted by Lisa Coleman on August 22, 2013


If your Social Security disability claim is denied, don't despair. The Social Security Administration's (SSA's) appeals process is designed to allow you the opportunity to have your claim re-examined. Read on for 4 tips to conquer a disability claim denial.


When Declined Health Leaves our Loved One in a Nursing Home

Posted by Lisa Coleman on August 17, 2013


When the time comes that you have to place a parent or other loved one into a nursing home, the guilt and worry can be tremendous. The elderly are frail and vulnerable, and you may feel anxious about the care they will receive. Struggling with a decision to place your loved one in a nursing home is normal, but understanding a few key things can help you feel more in control of the decision.