Online Marketing Techniques: Writing an Online Press Release

Posted by Christa Palm on February 17, 2011


Traditionally, press releases have been used to showcase business endeavors, and the marketing tactic has produced fantastic results for the businesses. However, with print media slowly disappearing, a new tactic is beginning to take the place of print press releases. Now, online press releases can be used, often more effectively, to inform readers about the new business information.

These online releases are sent to online newspapers, magazines and news websites in a special format. Since editors often glance over the press releases to check for newsworthy stories, the format is very important.

Additionally, eye-catching headlines can help your business get noticed, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing is a factor and the news/writing are important. Let's look at each of these ideas a little closer.

Eye-Catching Headlines

Your first way to get your online press release noticed by editors is to write an eye-catching headline. The headline should be concise yet intriguing. It should quickly identify the business endeavor while providing a little interest.

For example, a simple headline for the grand opening of a pet store could say "Great Dane, Great Day: Pet Store Opens on July 26" rather than "New Pet Store to Open". Simply providing something fun in the headline can help the news stand out.

SEO Writing Style

The next way to garner some attention is to use SEO article-writing techniques. This will help your press release stand out on the internet, getting your business first-web-page status.

Since the web now requires SEO marketing, this is what you must deliver. For this reason, writing a keyword-rich article will increase your chance of mastering the search engines' algorithms, allowing your press release to experience great success.

Writing Techniques

The final way to grab attention of online editors is to write well. This means that the press release must be written clearly and concisely. The release must also address the needs of the online news media.

Therefore, from the beginning, the release should clearly state the purpose. It should also connect with the news company's goals in a subtle way, showing the company the benefits experienced from posting the release on their site -- like connecting to their readers.

Releasing the Press Release

Finally, once the press release is written, it can be released to the press. Although businesses could find e-mail addresses for all of the news companies themselves, it may be easier and more effective to use an online press release distribution partner.

However, should you decide to pursue your own press release distribution, it is important to keep in mind that quantity does not trump quality. Submitting your release to online publications should be well thought out, which will increase your business's chance of publication.

Overall, writing an online press release can get you published where it may make the most difference for you and your business: on the internet. These publications can increase the traffic to your website, which in turn can increase your business traffic.

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