10 Steps to Use Facebook for Your Business

Posted by Alex Strike on March 03, 2013


Today all enterpreneurs know that social networks can help them much in business promotion. Indeed, Facebook, Twitter and other big social networks are one of the best places to tell about your company and attract new clients. So, why not to use them? But first, make sure you know how to do that right.

Facebook Like ButtonIf you never used Facebook for business, let's learn how to do it step by step.

1. First of all, register your personal account. All you need here is your e-mail address.

2. Fill all fields and make sure you provide your future clients with enough information about what your brand is and how your company works.

3. Don't forget to add a professional photo to your profile. People need to see your face before that confirm your friendship request. You can also share your photos from different seminars, conferences and other meetings that can tell your potential clients more facts about you and the company you represent. It's also good to add video, educational or motivational ones for example.

4. Invite friends. First, it can be your followers and friends from your e-mail list. Don't firget about your Skype contacts. Compose a text for your friendship request in advance, it will help you save your time and send as many requests as possible.

5. Search for subject groups and join them. But don't stay unnoticed: communicate with groups' administration, create your own groups - this is a very good method to make many people know about your business. One important moment: your group shouldn't be about your company itself! You can lead the group about effective business strategies for example. It will be useful for people, and it will help them solve some problems.

6. Post something 2-4 times a day. Comment your friends' posts and photos, leave some replies, take part in discussions, recommend some interesting groups to your friends, invite them to join your groups and so one. The main thing is to be an active user, but try to provide your followers with information that can be really useful and interesting for them.

7. With your every post add backlinks to your website. As it has been already mentioned before, it shouldn't be a link to your company's website. It can be a link to your personal website or blog where a user can subscribe and leave his contacts.

8. Create several Facebook profiles. This step will help people find your company via search engines even if they are not registered on Facebook.

9. Make Facebook automatic in order not to spend many hours per day in social networks.

10. Don't forget about your Facebook profile, continue adding posts and comments, and then it will definitely work on you!

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