Why Facebook Home is Already a Failure

Posted by Aaron Walker on May 04, 2013


When Facebook announced earlier this year that it was getting into the mobile phone business with a product that many have dubbed an "operating system lite," expectations were sky high. After all, this is a business that has amassed more than a billion users in less than a decade. Mark Zuckerberg and his braintrust seem capable of anything.


Are You Sharing Too Much on Facebook? Check These 4 Tips

Posted by Aaron Walker on April 04, 2013


Although many people are now well aware of basic online safety precautions such as not entering credit card information on an insecure website, some willingly give others too much insight into personal situations through mediums such as Facebook. Data from the Pew Research Center suggests over half of social media users turned to these websites as a way to make plans with others.


10 Steps to Use Facebook for Your Business

Posted by Alex Strike on March 03, 2013


Today all enterpreneurs know that social networks can help them much in business promotion. Indeed, Facebook, Twitter and other big social networks are one of the best places to tell about your company and attract new clients. So, why not to use them? But first, make sure you know how to do that right.