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Posted by Tani Thomas on March 03, 2013


One of the top smartphone and game app platform, the iPhone still creates hype and demand since its inception. The iPhone game app development sector has seen immense growth in the recent years with various categories like - strategy, skill, logical, adventure, race, RPG, and much more. The Game Development sector can be also categorized based on the gender, age, free and paid apps. Some of the top iPhone game apps include -

  • Kingdom Conquest II - Kingdom Conquest II has been rated as top RPG game app, with more than 3,000,000 downloads across the globe. The game is an unique mix of 3D multi-player Real-Time strategy. The game challenges the player to build a kingdom of your own by managing resources, winning battles, forming alliances by defeating monsters, and exploring dungeons. It is a multiplayer game up to four players on a real time basis. The game is developed by Sega Corporation and is a free application.
  • Joe Danger - One of the best Adventure games, which have won multiple awards, Joe Danger surely wins many hearts. The gamer can experience the best of motorbike stuntman action with the best of Retina display graphics, amazing touch controls, and great non-stop action. The user can increase up to 50 difficulty levels, which include great deal of obstacles and various difficulty tracks. The game is developed by Hello Games and is available at a cost of $2.99.
  • Pudding Monsters - It is one of the top innovative games of the season, meeting with both puzzle and the adventure category. The game is all about making a perfect plan to save the pudding monsters from the fridge owners. The app comes with great features like more than 75 levels of game play, innovative game play, unique and various monster shapes, and lots of fun. The game is suitable for all ages and is developed by ZeptoLab UK Limited, of Cut the Rope fame.
  • Draw Something Free - One of the most addictive games of all times, which challenges the gamers' guessing powers. The game is all about challenging your friends through popular Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. The user does not require any specific drawing skills to create the doodle masterpiece. The user can choose over 50 colors to create the doodle and it is a Turn based Game play. The game is developed by OMGPOP and is available free of cost.

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