5 Ways to Improve Google Page Rank and Increase Traffic to Your Site

Posted by Shana Jackson on November 23, 2009


Whether you're just starting out as an internet marketer or have been blogging for years, you're always looking for a way to boost your search engine rankings. One of the most efficient ways to do this is by using Text Link Ads. A Text Link Ad is a keyword phrase hyperlinked to your site from an advertiser's site. They are a great way to get your site ranked higher in Google while increasing traffic to your site.

Here are 5 things to look for when choosing an advertiser for your text link ad:

The Advertising Site's Page Rank

You want the site and linking page to have a Google page rank of 3 or higher. The page itself should be at least 3 months or older. These are signs that the page is viewed as relevant by Google. This will help improve your page rank over time. But remember most advertisers charge more for higher page rank sites and pages.

The Advertising Page's Content

Make sure you're linking to a page that has unique content. If the content is published on too many sites, it may not be indexed on the search engines, thereby generating less traffic. You can check for the uniqueness of the content by running it through Copyscape. You also want to have less than 30 outbound links, affiliate ads and banner ads on the page. Too many of these can turn off a reader.

The Advertising Site's Traffic

Since the goal is to increase your traffic you need to be sure the page you're linking to is receiving adequate traffic. If the page has a high Google page rank that's a good indication that it's receiving traffic. But it's always best to check. You can check a site's traffic on Alexa. The more traffic the site receives, the more likely your ad will be viewed and clicked.

Your Page's Content

In order to increase your search engine ranking for your chosen keyword you need to make sure the content on the page you link to is relevant to the keyword. That's why you should not link to your homepage. Deep linking into your blog is important, not only for increasing your rank but also for traffic. Readers are more likely to click on information relevant to what they are already reading.

Choosing the Right Company

One of the most important things you can do when buying text link ads is to choose the right company to work with. The best companies do the hard work for you. They check the page rank and traffic for the sites where you ad will be shown. Some of the best sites to start with are textlinkads.com, TNX.net and Linksworth.com. Using text link ads are a long term strategy. Your goal should be to have multiple ads over multiple pages over at least a period of a few months. Although you can start seeing results from your ad within the first month of placing it on the advertiser's site. Text Link Ads over time will allow you to naturally increasing your Google Page rank and increasing your traffic.

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