Say Goodbye to Fats with The Help of Best Fat Burning Workouts

Posted by Julian Hooks on December 29, 2013


While a daily dose of exercise is necessary in order to stay fit and healthy, and to get that dream body that everyone strives for, most of us don't have the time to spend long hours at a gym, which is a common excuse, especially for working individuals.

Fortunately, there exists several indoor workout routines that anyone can try, even in the comfort of their own home. Doing these simple exercise routines everyday helps anyone stay fit, and achieve that slim, healthy, and muscular body.

Is This What Counts As A Cardio Workout
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Indoor Exercise Routines

Vigorous Walking

They say that walking's the most basic form of exercise, but in order to be truly effective to be considered a workout routine, every steps that you take should be done as briskly as possible. Doing this involves pumping out your arms every step of the way, as well as increasing the speed of your walking by taking quick steps. For best results, alternate between two minutes of brisk walking and one minute of jogging.


While running is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular workout, most people are put off with this idea due to the painful impact that it brings on your knees and joints. To lessen the impact, and to make your running workout even more effective, do your best to land using the middle of your feet, then roll on your toes every step of the way. For best results, do this workout on a sloped hill.

Jump Rope

This workout's one of the best ways to do at home. Its effectiveness is such that boxers frequently do this as part of their training regimen. To maximize the effectiveness of this workout, keep your body upright and your feet slightly apart, while maintaining your jumps as low to the ground as possible. In order to keep yourself from getting bored, you can switch the pacing and style of your jumps on the fly, or you can even do it while jogging.

The best part of this workout is that even without a jump rope, you can still emulate it's movements without a jump rope, and still maintain its effects.


While this may not burn as much calories as other workouts around, the key here lies in the fun that it brings. Adding an element of fun on your workout helps you push yourself harder, so much that you feel like you can do the workout for hours, which makes it even more effective. For best results, make a playlist of different, fast-paced songs, and don't rest in-between songs.

Inline Skating

If you wanted a more intensive workout than running, while gaining the benefits of low impact on your lower body, then inline skating is for you. With the intensive movement of your lower body muscles, your calories burn at such an intensive rate, far more than running or even walking. Just make sure that when you're skating, you equip yourself with the proper safety gear for this purpose, like elbow guards, knee guards, and more importantly, a helmet.

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