Should You Spend More Time Getting YouTube Views?

Posted by Jeffery Goff on December 27, 2012


Youtube views to make moneyThe simple answer is yes, for what the title of this article is, should you spend time getting YouTube views? You need more views. In YouTube, a high number of views gives you better brand recognition; it increases your income from advertisements, builds trust about your brand, gets you more subscribers and eventually leads to higher conversions for your marketing campaigns. Here is a breakdown of each of these attributes as they relate to YouTube views.

Better Brand Recognition

The success of a given YouTube channel is based on its number of views becomes the success of the business associated with the video. As people see the video, they are interacting with the business in an indirect way. When they see the brand again in another video or outside YouTube, they will have already formed an association, and calling them to take action will be simpler for the business owner.

Income from Adverts

Google, the company that owns the YouTube platform, has an advertising platform that allows people with accounts on the website to earn a portion of the advertising revenue that accrues when people watch their videos. For a firm with a high commutative number of views on its channel, this translates to a high income at the end of each month. In fact, money is one of the reasons that so many people choose to upload their personal videos to YouTube.

Customer Trust

As YouTube views increase for a particular video, additional people who view that video associate it with something helpful. It can be information, entertainment, revelation or mystery and people will see it as something that they value. The high number of views influences people to follow the crowd and take the number of views as an approval of the brand behind the video. Eventually, they come to trust the brand and are susceptible to calls of action that associate with the brand elsewhere.

Increase in Subscribers

In the internet way of doing things, recurrent interactions lead to better conversions in sales. When a video gets more views, a high number of people trust the brand and then subscribe to the YouTube channel so that they do not miss additional videos when they are uploaded. Subscribing gives them a feeling of exclusivity. For the business, it ensures that there is always a reader audience for its additional business that contain its marketing message.

Increased Conversions

All the other points that call for increased focus on getting YouTube views eventually lead to the purpose of uploading the video to the website in the first place. When videos are successful, they lead people to trust in a brand, to follow it, to buy from a business or to support a social, political or environmental cause. Marketers work to get YouTube views. They can buy twitter followers and send those links to the uploaded video with their call of action being a request to view and share. If a business enjoys a certain rate of the number of viewers that eventually become its customers, then increasing the number of views only leads to an increase in the number of clients, if the conversion rate remains the same. Yes, go ahead and spend time getting YouTube views.

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