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Posted by Nicola Jackson on March 01, 2013


Presently, offices require several equipments to carry out their processes smoothly. Each having their own specific function, they are available in several variety. As a business owner, you need to invest in them based upon your business nature. Here is a lowdown of all the equipments generally required in all offices. Take a look.


office equipmentsComputers do not require any formal definition of their functionality. It will not be wrong to say that computers at present perform uncountable office activities. From preparing reports, communicating with the clients to extracting information from the Internet, the list is virtually endless...

The best part about computers is that it helps in both internal and external communication.

There is a wide variety in computer models. You need to select computer model depending on the work demands you have.

For example, if your business is related to graphic production packages, then you will need advanced computer.

In case your work demands you to travel a lot, it is preferable that you buy laptops.

Computer related devices

In addition to computers, there are other external or peripheral devices which you need. These equipments are attached to the computer and perform specific functions. Some of the common computer related machines can be printers and scanners. Lets take a brief look at both of them:

Printers: You can produce hard copies of your important office document.


Scanners: You can create digitized copies of your hard copy documents and store it in the computer.

Note: Scanners are available in several resolutions. Scanners of high resolution are more expensive than scanners of low resolution.

High resolution scanners works best for graphic designers.

Communication system

Office need a strong and well-connected telephone system. This is important both for external and internal communication. With telephone system in the office, employees can internally communicate among the departments. Moreover, they can also divert the call to the concerned employee.

Other benefits can be:

  • conferencing
  • message recording
  • Telephones also help in communicating with the clients.

Note: you can give advanced cellphones to high profile employees of your company.


This machine allows you to reproduce several copies of the same document. Note: you will require multiple copies of the same document for reference purpose.


This helps in controlling identity fraud. Through the shredder you can destroy all the documents from getting misused by the fraudsters.

To make optimum benefit of all the office equipments mentioned above, you need to take proper care of them. Regular cleaning and maintenance is required to increase efficiency. Moreover, regular maintenance also aves the company from the frequent maintenance cost.


In spite of the presence of advanced equipments, the value of stationery has not reduced. It is still looked upon as an integral part of the office need. Common stationary items you can include:

  • staplers
  • pens
  • pencils
  • notepads
  • paper clips etc

Stationary plays a major role in meetings and brainstorming sessions. You can easily copy down the minutes of the meeting in the notepads and store it for future references.

About Author: This is a guest post written by Nicola Jackson.


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