Being Anonymous: Can This Help Bloggers or Not?

Posted by Patrick Hudson on May 27, 2013


It is common for bloggers today to write blogs that are published by a blog owner on his or her site, under a different name. Is it enough for a blogger to earn money without getting the due recognition? Most people would not agree with bloggers being anonymous, because they simply lack the courage to say whatever they are saying publicly. They may want to get at someone or trick the readers into believing something that does not have an iota of truth in it.


10 Things For You To Check When Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working

Posted by Parker Ben on May 02, 2013


A good SEO strategy is the best way for businesses to have a perfect web presence. Apart from creating the website, you need to attract people to it to generate more sales. In most cases, a good SEO plan that generates perfect results may stop working suddenly after some time. Although people tend to blame Google for such situation, it may be caused by many other factors. Here are some of the things you should check.


Why SEO is important to you

Posted by Amarah John on April 28, 2013


Your business website always deserves the best investment of your money, strategy and time. It does not mean just designing a website and publishing it on the Internet. You should also make sure that your website is easily visible and accessible to your target customers, which means you should do SEO for it.