The Science of GPS Fleet Tracking

Posted by Mel Abrahams on December 20, 2012


GPS TrackingFleet tracking makes the most out of GPS technology by combining proprietary software with tracking information. The result is an efficient and cost-effective way to monitor drivers and maintain productivity. The system produces key data that aids in the management of travel time, asset location and routes. Utilizing a GPS fleet management system gives businesses the edge over rising gas prices, escalating insurance costs and security needs. A 2008 study by Aberdeen Group shows that tracking is a top priority for most fleet businesses.


Principles That Make or Break a Web Design

Posted by Claire Watson on December 20, 2012


With a lot of websites created every day, every hour and even every minute, having your website stand out is becoming a difficult task. If you are planning to open a website on your own, here are some DIY tips on how you can design your webpage and make it look visually appealing.

  • Make It: Structured Page