Visual Marketing Drives Fan Engagement

Posted by Steve Mehr on January 11, 2013


If your internet marketing is stuck in a rut, try something new. Visual marketing has become a significant piece of internet marketing, as is evidenced by the rise of picture collection and sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. These internet giants came out of near obscurity fueled by internet users' love of pictures and desire to share them with others.


Internet Marketing: Video Sales Letters

Posted by Christa Palm on March 14, 2011


One of the newest internet marketing tools used to boost sales is the video sales letter. This techniques takes your business idea and presents it to the customer in a simple, easy to follow format that can include a voice over Powerpoint presentation, a home video, or a fully directed professional video. Although the format can be rather simple, the content should follow a few rules. Let 's look at some ideas for improving your internet sales letter.

Grab Customer's Attention

The most important aspect of the video sales letter is to deliver great, attention grabbing content. Even though the video is often easier for customers to follow, they still expect marketing excellence to even consider buying your product.


Website Design as a Marketing Tool

Posted by Christa Palm on February 26, 2011


Internet marketing is a complex, multi-faceted business, complete with techniques such as advertising, blogging, social networking, guest blogging, and social media advertising, to name a few. All of these techniques can increase search engine page rank to put your business near the top of your customers' internet searches -- bringing more visitors to your site.

Once customers are at your site, though, you want to keep them there long enough to at least peak their interest. Since one of the designs of internet marketing is to brand your business name into potential customers' thought processes, keeping these customers at your site for a few minutes will help them remember your business name when they are ready to purchase.