How to Find New SEO Keywords

Posted by Sonia Jackson on July 09, 2013


Bloggers just want to blog and reap the rewards of writing something interesting. Now, bloggers also have to act in the role of an SEO consultant. You have to concentrate on implementing certain keywords and researching how well you're doing. Finding new keywords is the least enjoyable part of blogging.


SEO and Domain Names: Considerations that Should be Made

Posted by Lisa Coleman on July 04, 2013


The domain name that you select for your website will have a huge impact on your site's SEO. With a quality domain name in place, you will find it is easier to move up the search engine rankings. So, just how does one select the perfect domain name that will help with their company's SEO?


Gate Your Content And Increase Your Social Presence

Posted by Jason Smith on June 14, 2013


That's correct: 'Gate' your content - no typo there. Put a content locker so that your most exclusive content can only be viewed upon sharing it on social networks of your choice. However, a number of sites with questionable reputation also use content lockers to sell stuff or gather personal information from visitors. Besides, no one likes being coerced. So, how do you get your visitors to GLADLY share your content before they view it?