Why SEO is important to you

Posted by Amarah John on April 28, 2013


Your business website always deserves the best investment of your money, strategy and time. It does not mean just designing a website and publishing it on the Internet. You should also make sure that your website is easily visible and accessible to your target customers, which means you should do SEO for it.


The Right Approach Towards SEO: Leaving the Old Paradigm Behind

Posted by Estcott Paul on April 03, 2013


In the olden days of the early to mid 2000s the world of search engines was a kinder simpler one. You had a few simple search engines competing against the growing tidal wave of Google that was well on its way to sweeping up the entire Internet ocean in its wake. SEO tactics, then still in their infancy were equally rudimentary. You had link-farms and carousels, keyword stuffing and other questionable tactics just waiting for a name. That the so-called 'black-hat' SEO is as old as the business is no novelty but what is interesting is just how stark the contrast between 'white hat' acceptable and 'black hat' bad has become lately.


5 Secrets For Improving Your Conversion Rate

Posted by Kirti Anand Sharma on March 26, 2013


You have heard it all before and I wonder whether there is anything else to say about the world of internet marketing. You already know that this is the arena where all players, big and small currently converge. Of course you have your website and it is well designed, you are also taking care to ensure that it is user friendly, easily navigable, and that it provides quality information to visitors. You have taken every step to optimize your web pages, and done all there is to do yet you are not raking in the sales! What could you be doing wrong?