5 SEO Myths Every Blogger Should Know About

Posted by Rehmat Rehmat on February 21, 2013


SEO basicsModern SEO has become much complicated. You have to learn true SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank your blog in SERPs. Below I have discussed some misunderstandings about SEO which mostly distract bloggers and they fail to get good results even after utilizing their hard efforts.


Search Engine Marketing versus Social Media Marketing – key differences

Posted by Mark Dwayne on February 20, 2013


Search Engine Marketing as you all may be aware is marketing through the Internet and is focused on promotion of websites by making them prominent on the results pages of search engines.  This is achieved through optimization and paid advertising like placements and inserts. Search Engine Optimization is focused on the content, making it rich enough to be interesting, with important keywords inserted at intervals to create links that promote marketing efforts.


Frequent SEO Exercises Can Diminish Ad Dollars Spent

Posted by About Freelance on February 18, 2013


Much like hitting the gym to shed Thanksgiving weight, webmasters need to exercise their keyboard prowess daily, conducting reports, running contingency exercises and assure clientele they're ranking high for keywords they chosen to appear on Page Uno for. Saving search engine optimization dollars is a good thing for more than self-efficacy; it assists your business in retaining and obtaining customer bases. Below we've constructed a drill you can implement once a day, anytime, to assure your efforts in optimization aren't for naught. These can be done in random order, provided they are done, period.