Employment Background Verifications: Why it is Necessary!

Posted by Rashmi Singh on July 09, 2013


Hiring an employee is no more restricted to just a one to one interaction of the interviewer and the interviewee on either side of the table where adjudicator analyses the job seeker and simultaneously have a thorough look at the resume. Today the process exceeds a step further where background checks are brought in the loop before a candidate is hired. This article comprises nuts and bolts as in why such verifications are important for the employers.


4 Things to Avoid to Prevent 'Career Failure'

Posted by Lisa Coleman on July 03, 2013


Over the last decade, the business world has become more cutthroat than ever. Because of this, getting and keeping a good job is also increasingly challenging. As a result, should unlawful activity occur on the part of any employee, from general staff to managers and executives, their careers could be jeopardized and ruined, as described in the below scenarios.


Career Move? What it Takes to Drive a Commercial Vehicle

Posted by Savannah Bobo on June 22, 2013


Becoming a commercial vehicle driver provides a high employment rate, and the average driver will make more than $40,000 a year. This level of stability is enticing for many people, but it is important to carefully consider the physical and mental demands that are placed on a commercial driver before you move forward. After all, sitting in a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle all day is not nearly as easy as it sounds. However, if your personality is well-suited to this type of job, you should be able to find employment relatively easily.