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Posted by Arian A on May 02, 2013


While in the past, building websites was a complicated operation that required the work of a company, today, any webmaster with basic internet notions is able to create a solid website, without even knowing HTML. This can be done with the CMS programs. The CMS programs are actually "traducers" of human actions into HTML. In other words, instead of writing the code for a shopping cart, you just need to put the shopping cart from the CMS in your website, and the program will write the code into the HTML files of your website's files.

1. WordPress is the 22nd most accessed website in the world, and as we are talking about millions of websites existing today, this is a performance for the website of a CMS. Wordpress is an open source, meaning that any person can develop widgets, applications and plugins for it. On the other hand, this is also a disadvantage, as those sources are not verified, meaning that some viruses and malicious programs can be shared by some. On the other hand, Wordpress comes with some really great tools that can be used for protecting websites. If you are careful enough and you choose only plugins made by trusted developers, your website will not suffer. It is the simplest CMS that comes with a large number of facilities, perfect for beginners and amateur designers.

2. Blogger

The Google rival of Wordpress is called Blogger. This interface is also intuitive and it comes with a large number of features, but as the widgets and plugins are developed by Google, you can surely trust those more than you trust the Wordpress ones. On the other hand, the customizing features are not as rich as the ones of WP, so eventually, your website will look like many others on the interned. Another advantage is that Google is Blogger friendly, so Blogger websites will rank better in Google just because they are made in...Blogger. Google claims that the engine does not make differences between Blogger websites and others, but it is clear that, one way of the other, Blogger websites are favored a little in searches.

3. Joomla

Joomla is one of the powerful applications that you can find. While this CMS is also simple to use, it is not addressed to the complete newbies. It is also an open source that comes with a large number of features. Users say that Joomla makes the most stable websites around.

4. Drupal

Drupal is another free package that can be used to create and manage online content, and the organizing features of this CMS makes it the most suited for business websites. 

Even if you decide to hire a web designing company to create your website, it is important to ask them for a CMS. Once their work is over, you will need to manage your own website, and you can't call your designer whenever you need to post a simple article. This CMS will be designed by the company especially for you, and if you have basic Wordpress or Joomla notions, you will be able to manage it a lot easier.

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