How to Design your Kitchen with a Popular Room Theme

Posted by Lisa Coleman on June 09, 2013


Your kitchen is probably the most used room in your home. It is also the room that is most often overlooked for decorating purposes. Many people simply leave their kitchen plain because they view it as a utility room more than a part of the main house. The kitchen, however, can be decorated in a manner that will make it flow with the rest of the interior of your home, while still retaining its purpose.

Your kitchen is probably the most used room in your home.
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Creating a Theme for Your Kitchen

You can set your kitchen apart by creating a special theme for the room. It can either match the rest of your home, or have its very own distinct decorations. Selecting a theme for your kitchen should be based on your color schemes and your passions.

You will not have to change everything in your kitchen to create a theme. You can change or add a few items and watch your kitchen take on a whole new personality.

Window Coverings

You will be amazed at the change in appearance of your kitchen when you change your window dressings. If you have curtains, try mini blinds or a valance instead. Opting for lighter colors will make the room appear larger. Allowing more natural sunlight to come into the room can also give your room a different appearance.

Custom Framed Artwork

You can enhance the appearance of your walls by selecting custom framed artwork that matches your theme. The Internet has made it possible for you to find affordable artwork from a large variety of artists. Every theme, style, size and price range is available on Internet sites, like at Additionally, when you shop from home in this manner, you have the opportunity of "seeing" what your choices would look like in your kitchen. Often, by shopping online for framed artwork, you will find quality and inexpensive prices.

Extra Accessories

You can add some flavor to your décor by strategically placing different kitchen accessories throughout the room that matches your theme. Hand towels, salt and pepper shakers, and even the dishes can all match your theme.

Faux Wall Textures

You can do some amazing things with faux texture paints on your walls. There are many types of textures you can use, including marble, swirls, or two-tone. For a little flare in you decorating, try only covering one or two walls with the texture and leaving the other walls a single color. This type of color scheme can also give your kitchen a larger appearance.

Floor Coverings

There are many kitchen-friendly rugs that you can use to enhance your kitchen. Just make sure that they are slip resistant and can be easily washed. A kitchen rug in front of the sink or where you prepare your food will also make standing for extended periods more comfortable.

Creating the perfect kitchen will not require a full remodel or thousands of dollars. It simply takes a bit of creativity, some fine artwork for the walls, and a theme that makes you happy and gives a little personality and a great appearance.

About Author: Decorator and home owner, Lisa Coleman shares some tips on how to redo a kitchen in a room theme that the homeowner will find extravagant without the cost being too extravagant. With quality and custom framed artwork, makes adding some creativity redecorating a kitchen easier than ever, making it sure to become the entire family's favorite room of the house.

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