Create Curb Appeal: Tips to Enhance Your Home's Exterior

Posted by Teresa Stewart on June 25, 2013


That elusive quality that gives your home character is curb appeal. Whether you're looking to sell your home or make it more attractive for your own personal enjoyment, you'll find the following tips handy to enhance the exterior of your home.

Create Curb Appeal:  Tips to Enhance Your Home's Exterior
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Big Picture

If you've lived in your home for some time, faded trim, worn siding, chipped paint and a cracked walkway may seem the norm for you. While you've barely noticed the diminished condition, unfortunately, others aren't going to feel the same way, especially if your home is up for sale. Larger purchases such as new siding, a fresh coat of paint on the home's exterior and shuttered windows can spruce up your home's appearance immediately. If your budget allows for nothing else, replacement of siding is by far the improvement which results in the greatest benefit. Siding comes in a variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, cement fiber and vinyl siding Calgary made. Options noted below, done singularly or in combination can also create a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Front Door

The front entry of any home is the first thing people see when driving or walking by. You can make a splash by adding a vibrant color to your front door with paint. You can also go from a painted door to installing a custom wood door and staining it. Metal fixtures and a kick plate will shine bright as standout features. If your front entry is covered, you can place chairs and plants that reflect your own personal style.

Replace the Fixtures

Light fixtures and outdoor hardware can become worn with age. You can add style and unique character by updating your house numbers, door lock sets, lighting fixtures, and mailbox. Check out the design of your home's exterior and select something that complements the look. Select and stick with elements that blend together, such as gold, silver, or polished finishes; they function better than items that are mixed-and-matched.

Outdoor Lighting

Low-voltage outdoor lighting can add to your home's appearance and provide safety and security for those who reside in it. Wired lighting or solar fixtures can both add enough illumination without making your home stand-out like a sore thumb. Choose a classic styled fixture that blends with your home's exterior.


Adding trees, shrubs, plants and flowers may seem like an expensive investment, but you can find budget-friendly greenery for the exterior of your home. Container gardens can be cost-effective and are ideal for those with limited space. You can either pick them up from your local garden center ready-made or make up your own containers. For those with a larger yard, you can find great deals on perennials and annuals that can complement your home year-round. End of the year sales are great for picking up shrubs, trees and bushes.

Simple Touches

Simple touches such as power washing your patio, deck and walk ways can give them a spotless appearance. Cleaning windows, and refreshing paint around the frames will brighten the look of your home and get rid of dirt and grime. A well-maintained lawn is another simple step you can make with weed removal, edging and weekly mowing.

The view from the street is important to your home's appearance and value. While it may be tempting and fun to continue tweaking, and adding accessories, consider the themes of "less is more," "keep it simple," and "minimize clutter." With the above easy tips, you can allow your unique personality to shine through, and build an attention grabbing curb view.

About Author: Teresa Stewart has enjoyed creating curb appeal with her own home, and provides suggestions for others wishing to do the same. Greg Martineau Projects provides vinyl siding Calgary made for your home renovations as well as energy efficient windows and doors. He offers a "tune-up" program which will allow you to complete your home rehab one improvement at a time.

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