Role of Social media in your business promotions

Posted by Lucy Lucy on December 27, 2012


Social Media for businessTo promote your business on social media, plan accordingly. If you're planning for large scale industry you need to follow a different method to approach social media. If it is for a small scale industry, your strategy should compulsorily bring you success.

If it is a big organisation, plan your strengths and use social media to divert the clients with larger audience, so that you get national recognition on your products and brand.


Social Network Advertising

Posted by Christa Palm on January 30, 2011


Social network advertising differs from social media advertising: Social network advertising uses websites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter to target traditional advertising to potential customers. Whereas social media advertising focuses on building relationships in websites like WordPress, Flickr, Photobucket and Tip'd, which can increase a website's audience over time. Although the differences seem slight, they make a world of difference. Let's take a look at everything that social network advertising entails, using Facebook as an example.

How are Business Social Networks Set Up?

A business page on Facebook is set up differently than a normal networking page. The special business page allows business owners to post business news and updates. This page is different from normal Facebook pages because people can "Like" the business but not befriend the business. Fortunately, this decreases the chance of inappropriate posts to the business wall and allows business owners sole discretion in business page decisions.


Social Media Advertising: Tips for the Finance Professions

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on January 23, 2011


Social media advertising techniques make it possible to make friends on the internet within your given profession. By using websites tailored specifically to promoting blogs for specific professions like finance, family, writing, health, etc., you can promote yourself as an expert in your field over time.

I like to emphasize over time because, although this is an important part of your internet advertising campaign, the benefits of social media advertising are not immediately apparent. Instead, it can take weeks, months and sometimes years to make the friends necessary to promote your success. Let's look at one profession to illustrate this point: finance.