Construction Safety: 5 Most Important On-The-Job Measures

Posted by Lisa Coleman on September 29, 2013


Employees on construction sites are amongst the hardest workers in America. Without these people, America simply would have no infrastructure. Unfortunately, the nature of these careers means that those involved in them are in a constant state of danger. In fact, construction equipment operators, construction laborers, electrical installers and steel workers, all of who can be on construction sites, make up four of the 15 most dangerous jobs in America. This is why every construction worker should be vigilant in keeping themselves safe.

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1. Warm up: Construction workers can also reduce their risk of suffering an injury by doing a physical warm up before working. This can include stretching and even calisthenics. This will ensure proper body movement while working, and in fact, some insurance companies are even requiring their construction policyholders to implement pre-work warm ups.

2. Stay Hydrated: Most people recognize the need to stay hydrated to avoid blacking out or suffering heat stroke, but there are actually several other reasons that construction workers should do this. Dehydration is linked to fatigue, diminished concentration and lowered alertness. This can be a deadly combination on a construction site.

3. Don't work Fatigued: Maybe one of the most important tips that construction workers can abide by is to get plenty of sleep before going to work. This isn't like a telemarketing job where zoning out or slipping off for a second will only result in harsh looks from a manager. Not being alert for even a second on a construction site can be deadly, so it's always best to turn in early the night before work.

4. Don't Overdo Tinted Lenses: Tinted lenses are a blessing when working in the sun all day, but they're not meant for full-time use. A construction worker must be able to see what they're doing properly; and if they're wearing tinted lenses indoors, at dusk, in shaded areas or at night, they're not allowing their eyes to properly see the job at hand.

5. Wear High-Visibility Clothing: One of the most common statements listed on construction accident reports are "I didn't even see him." Too many individuals are injured when other workers can't see them. This is why wearing as much highly-visible clothing as possible is essential.

After an Injury

Unfortunately, even the most vigilant workers can suffer accidents on construction sites. In many of these cases, however, the injuries are caused by the negligence of building managers, machinery operators or even other laborers. When this is the case, it's imperative to seek out a local construction accident attorney, such as a NY, NY construction accident attorney if the accident was to occur within a metropolitan area like Manhattan.

These legal professionals come in handy since employers and their insurers will often try to avoid paying an individual the fair amount of compensation that they deserve. In fact, a construction lawyer may even be able to bring forth an additional claim if serious negligence resulted in the accident.

Individuals often do well when looking for these attorneys online since the Internet has the capability of finding and displaying local attorneys who will have knowledge on a locale's specific injury laws.

Accidents on construction sites are often detrimental and sometimes fatal in nature. This is why every construction worker, whether machine operator or laborer, should know how to stay safe on the job. When this isn't enough, however, it's vital to seek out an attorney who can help get enough compensation to ensure proper medical care and recovered income.

Lisa Coleman shares some important safety tips for anyone who works in a construction zone, and also tips for when retaining an experienced attorney might be a good consideration. She recently researched online how a NY, NY construction accident attorney group, the Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., is equipped to represent a client who has been injured working a construction job within the NYC metropolitan area.

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Accidents may still happen even to those vigilant workers but it’s not a reason to skip safety measures. Thanks for posting.
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