5 Creative Ways to (Safely) Avoid Getting Bitten By a Dog

Posted by Melanie Fleury on September 29, 2013


No matter how much you love animals, it can still be dangerous to approach a dog during certain situations. To avoid this potential issue, you should always treat dogs with respect and pay close attention to any warning signs that they give you. As long as you remain aware and cautious, you should be able to walk away from any dog encounter without being bitten.


Construction Safety: 5 Most Important On-The-Job Measures

Posted by Lisa Coleman on September 29, 2013


Employees on construction sites are amongst the hardest workers in America. Without these people, America simply would have no infrastructure. Unfortunately, the nature of these careers means that those involved in them are in a constant state of danger. In fact, construction equipment operators, construction laborers, electrical installers and steel workers, all of who can be on construction sites, make up four of the 15 most dangerous jobs in America. This is why every construction worker should be vigilant in keeping themselves safe.