4 Top Tips for Increasing Traffic to Corporate Social Media Profiles

Posted by Mathew Donald on December 31, 2012


When the concept of Internet marketing was first conceived of, it resulted in a lot of pop-up ads and spam e-mails. However, the online world has changed a lot and gaining exposure on social networks is the key marketing principle nowadays. Here are 4 top tips from marketing experts to help increase traffic to your corporate social media profiles.


Keep Your Business Blog Relevant and Fresh

Posted by Andrew Yessen on December 28, 2012


Nearly every website has a blog. Blogs have become increasingly popular in recent years, since they provide a great way to share useful content, and enable readers to connect with writers, brands and organizations. Businesses use blogs not only to do these things, but to gain higher amounts of search traffic to their websites. But with only so many hours in a day, some businesses find it difficult to keep their blogs relevant a fresh. There are, however, a few simple ways to keep a business blog fresh and gain more viewers.


Should You Spend More Time Getting YouTube Views?

Posted by Jeffery Goff on December 27, 2012


Youtube views to make moneyThe simple answer is yes, for what the title of this article is, should you spend time getting YouTube views? You need more views. In YouTube, a high number of views gives you better brand recognition; it increases your income from advertisements, builds trust about your brand, gets you more subscribers and eventually leads to higher conversions for your marketing campaigns. Here is a breakdown of each of these attributes as they relate to YouTube views.