HTC 8S – Superior Windows Phone by HTC

Posted by Jinal Shah on February 26, 2013


Electronics giant HTC had been famous for its Windows Smartphones previously but then it changed to the highly popular and successful Android platform for its Smartphones. But it has returned back to Windows phones thanks to the launch of the Windows 8 OS. Windows 8 is touted as a premium OS by Software pioneer Microsoft and targeted especially towards mobility. With the release of Windows 8, HTC has announced two phones running this OS - 8X and 8S models. While 8X features a bigger screen of 4.3" and more internal storage of 16GB, 8S has a smaller screen at 4" and a very low internal storage of just 4GB. The 8S has dual-tone body and comes with 4 sets of stylish and dazzling colours. This double colouring helps it to differentiate with Nokia's Lumia range of Windows Smartphones which also have colourful exteriors.


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